The New Parish One-day Events will help faith communities in your area understand the movement toward faithful presence in the neighborhood and give them the most meaningful tools for making the transition.
The hosts will spend two days with the authors in various formats while the large group training is one day. Here is the general itinerary:

■ Day One (Evening): Dinner and orientation with the hosts
■ Day Two: One-day training 9-3pm
■ Day Two: Dinner with area leaders 6-8pm
■ Day Three: Breakfast & neighborhood tour with hosts 9-12am
■ Day Three: Next day lunch with group of your choice 12-2pm

The training day 9-3pm moves between five pedagogical modes that work together to create the most transformative learning environment.

1. The Language House: The Language House is a series of shorts talks and Q&A sessions that will help you develop a new lens for imagining the meaning of mission, formation, and community in the context of parish.

2. The Pecha Kuchas: This is a presentation format (20 slides, 20 seconds each) that allows local parish guides to host a short visual tour while sharing snapshot stories and talking points. This format opens your imagination to vivid, doable possibilities for your context.

3. The Charrette: A charrette is an intense period of design or planning activity where participants will use a mapping process to discover practical steps toward parish integration. The charrette is a powerful guide to understanding your parish and discerning what’s next.

4. The Parish: During the extended lunch break participants will have an opportunity for using the New Parish Toolkit to practice discerning renewal possibilities in the immediate neighborhood where the training is located.

5. The Liturgy: Reconnecting rhythms of prayer, listening, and memory to ordinary acts of learning and doing helps center formative training as an act of worship. Not only does this open up your receptivity to God, but it also vastly deepens your learning experience.

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  • What a gift the notion of the parish is for our time. And what a joy to know this Collective that's figuring out how to breath life into this ancient notion in our time.

    Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, author of Strangers at My Door
  • Paul, Tim and Dwight enflesh this ancient Christian practice with 21st century creativity and acumen. This book is a must-read for church leaders and every-day faith practitioners alike.

    Tony Kriz, author of Neighbors and Wise Men
  • The New Parish encourages us to practice an incarnational faith that not only transforms our neighborhoods but our own lives as well … We need solid guides for this path, and Sparks, Friesen, and Soerens are just that.

    Kathy Escobar author of Down We Go:Living into the Wild Ways of Jesus